Windows Live Contacts control

Danny Thorpe, from the Windows Live Contacts team, has a good blog post about the new JScript control for integrating Windows Live Contacts into your web page.  It is a chunk of re-usable script you can embed in your page, much like the Virtual Earth Map Control, for getting access to Windows Live Contacts in your application.

So, why on the Virtual Earth developer blog?  Well, a natural integration with contacts is location, and as the first examples of using the control show it is a snap to do.  Check them out, plus some good articles on getting started with the control, at:

PS - Danny repeatedly refers to the control as a gadget.  I am not sure I agree with the nomenclature as it is a developer control and cannot be loaded as is into for use there--which is what I think of when I hear "gadget".  Either way, it is a pretty cool control, showcasing the new scenarios enabled by software as a service.

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