Birds Eye Navigation Improvement

A nice improvement was just released for Virtual Earth’s Birds Eye navigation at The Birds Eye navigation thumbnail grid has been replaced with an inset map for easier usability (see screenshot below). Please note, this feature is currently only available at, but will definitely be added as a feature in the next release…


More Virtual Earth Real Estate – Berkshire Home Services

Virtual Earth powered real estate search has been a subject of this blog many times in the past few months.   And, again, a number of additional companies have gone online with a Virtual Earth powered real estate search, bringing that same great experience to their customers in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona, and many more areas. …


Virtual Earth 3D Launches

The launch of Virtual Earth 3D makes the power of Microsoft’s new online mapping platform available to Web developers as well as Live Search customers. Virtual Earth 3D provides developers with an immersive 3D application environment to implement searching, browsing and organizing local information. At launch, 3D terrain models are available globally, and 15 major…


Updated! – Service Notice: New Map Control – November 6, 2006

Please be advised that we will release a new version of the Virtual Earth Map Control on Monday, November 6th 2006.  We do not anticipate that this release will impact the service or uptime of the existing Virtual Earth Map Controls ( or With this release Virtual Earth customers should not need to take any…


SLAMming with Virtual Earth

What happens when you mix mobile, social and maps?  You get Microsoft Research’s new SLAM application, a cool new social networking application that let’s you create and communicate with groups, even viewing the members’ locations (with full privacy controls for individuals to expose their locations as they see fit) on a Virtual Earth map. If…


More details on new features in v3.1

Ortho Tile Sets and MapCruncher One of the new features that we shipped in the v3.1 release of the Virtual Earth Map Control is the support for adding ortho tile sets produced using tools like MapCruncher from MSResearch. Jaya, one of the developers who works on the API, has detailed this integration with an article and example. Other Features…


MyFox Tropical Weather

It has been a pretty slow tropical storm season in the gulf this year, but that doesn’t make any of the few storms we have seen less newsworthy.  The MyFox site we highlighted before has added a new tropical storm tracker to its list of Virtual Earth powered applications.  Give it a try.


Map Control 3.1 Launched

Last night, the most recent version of Live Local launched.  Improvements include the ability to draw on top of the maps, highlighting favorite dog parks, cool bike trails, neighborhoods, etc.; white pages/people search, a great compliment to the business search functionality; some UI enhancements, like the ability to widen the search results pane, showing off-map results…


Windows Live Contacts control

Danny Thorpe, from the Windows Live Contacts team, has a good blog post about the new JScript control for integrating Windows Live Contacts into your web page.  It is a chunk of re-usable script you can embed in your page, much like the Virtual Earth Map Control, for getting access to Windows Live Contacts in…


Windows Live Writer, complete with VE integration

The maps and imagery from Microsoft Virtual Earth aren’t just good for marketing, business intelligence, and vertical search, they can be an important component of telling a story. The Windows Live Writer team recognized that and has built support for putting a Virtual Earth map (as an image linked to Windows Live Local) into your blog posts as…