We Broke It!? A VE Map Search Control v1 Required Update

Our recent change of the consumer site to Windows Live Local broke some of the functionality of the Map Search Control, or Commercial Control.  Apparently when we updated the site’s URL the redirect to the new URL didn’t work for the proxy we wrote, an error that didn’t surface in our testing. So, your Commercial…


v2 Change: Map Bounding Lat/Long

In v1 of the standard control, if you needed to get the bounding lat/long of the map you could do this: var y1 = map.GetLatitude(0);var x1 = map.GetLongitude(0);     var y2 = map.GetLatitude(map.height);var x2 = map.GetLongitude(map.width); There were two problems with this approach. For the South East corner it relies on map.width and height, which no longer exist…


v1 Applications not Referencing ‘dev.virtualearth.net’ are not Working

Just quick but important reminder note: Now that Windows Live Local has launched, if you are referencing the v1 of the standard control on the old URL: http://virtualearth.msn.com/js/MapControl.js You should update this to http://dev.virtualearth.net/standard/v1/MapControl.js This will keep your application working until you are able to transition to v2. See the original post for details. Alex DaleyTechnical Evangelist


v2 Change: onMouseClick -> onclick

We will be posting a number of resources here and on MSDN to assist with migration ot the v2 Virtual Earth controls.   This post is the first of a number we have planned highlighting notable changes in the control and providing guidance on updating code.   One minor change to make note of when migrating to the…


Windows Live Local powered by Virtual Earth!!

Update 1:  The Virtual Earth Standard Control SDK is avilable on MSDN: http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=4304174 The news is out: the MSN Virtual Earth site is now called Windows Live Local.  Check it out: http://local.live.com The reviews so far have been great, and it is excellent to see such a positive response from our customers.  It was from all of…


Virtual Earth Control URLs Changing

To provide a stable and predictable set of tools for our developers through the future, we are moving the all controls for Virtual Earth to a new location. The original control locations will be retired in the coming weeks to prepare for changes required by the Windows Live Local announcement.  Updating your applications now will…


Welcome, Virtual Earth Developers

Welcome to the new Virtual Earth developer blog.  Going forward, we will strive to make this blog a good resource for news and information on developing applications powered by Virtual Earth.  Here we will be posting coding tips and tricks, pointers to new content on MSDN and community sites, and other information on building the best VE experience…