Windows Virtual PC Hotfix for AMD Bulldozer Processors

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; We have just published a hotfix for Windows Virtual PC that addresses a compatibility problem when trying to install on an AMD Bulldozer system. You can download it here: Cheers, Ben… Read more

Using “built in” applications with Windows XP mode

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Last week I was asked, on Twitter, if it was possible to publish a built in application (like Internet Backgammon) from Windows XP mode.  The answer is: Yes, but it is a little tricky. Most people use Windows XP mode to run specific applications that they have that will not run under… Read more

Running DOS fullscreen applications in Windows XP Mode

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Here is a problem that I was asked about a while ago: When I try to start a DOS application that switches to fullscreen in Windows XP Mode – it fails with an error that states “The video device failed to initialize for fullscreen mode.  Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.”  Why… Read more

An unusual reason to enable MAC spoofing

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; By default, Hyper-V will not let software inside of a virtual machine attempt to generate network traffic with a MAC address other than the address that Hyper-V has assigned to the virtual machine (known has MAC address spoofing).  The reason why this is not allowed by default is that it is relatively… Read more

Enabling 24-bit color in Windows XP Mode

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Before I get started today – I want to make one thing very clear: the content of this post is not officially supported by Microsoft.  Feel free to try it out – but if you hit problems do not go contacting Microsoft Product support – as this is unsupported. With that out… Read more

Enabling ClearType on Windows XP Mode

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; If you are using Windows XP mode on an LCD display – you may notice that the font looks a little jagged.  The reason for this is simple.  ClearType is not enabled. While Windows Vista and Windows 7 both enable ClearType by default – Windows XP (which was released when LCD screens… Read more

Running the Windows 8 Developer Preview on Microsoft Virtualization

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Just over a week ago – we posted some details on how to run the Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual machine (read all about it here: I have been getting a lot of questions and information here – so I wanted to follow up with some details: While the… Read more

How to fix incorrect logon information for Windows XP mode

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; It is possible to get into a state where Windows XP mode stores the wrong logon information. There are a couple of ways to hit this problem – but the most common cause is because you have changed your password inside Windows XP.  The result is that when you start Windows XP… Read more

Automating WIM2VHD

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; As I mentioned yesterday – I have been working on a completely automated virtual machine build process that does not use templates (but build everything from scratch).  One of the key tools that I have been using for this process is WIM2VHD – which allows me to generate new VHD files directly… Read more