Checking Virtual Machine Health After a Disaster

Last weekend I suffered a human disaster in my “server room”.  Which is to say that I knocked down a shelf in my garage and accidentally disconnected the UPS.  This, in turn turned off all of my hardware.  An hour later I had fixed the shelf, reconnected all the wiring and had booted the servers again…. Read more

AoE: Castle Siege – Connection Error

[Warning! This blog post is nothing to do with Hyper-V or virtualization.  It is Friday night and I am playing computer games!] It has been a long busy week of working on Hyper-V – and now it is time for me to unwind.  After playing a couple of games I decided to try out the… Read more

Flashback Friday–Play your strongest hand…

Last weekend I was looking for a deck of cards, and I discovered this deck in one of my desk drawers: Virtual Server 2005 R2 and Windows Server 2003 R2 – Play your strongest hand.  How things have changed since then, it is amazing to think about the innovation and change in server virtualization over… Read more

Hyper-V Replica and Active Directory

Continuing the story of how I am using Hyper-V Replica in my house – we arrive at the interesting discussion of Hyper-V Replica and Active Directory.  This first thing to point out is that if you are running Windows Server 2012 or later for your domain controllers, this is a fully supported configuration (official documentation… Read more

Keeping VM Configurations in Sync with Hyper-V Replica

Yesterday I posted about my new home setup, which makes heavy use of Hyper-V Replica. When you first setup Hyper-V Replica for a virtual machine – we copy the virtual machine configuration and storage from the primary server to the replica server. From that point on we replicate any new data that is written to… Read more

Hyper-V in my House – 2013

A while ago I talked about how I was using Hyper-V in my house.  These days I have a quite different configuration in place.  I updated my household deployment immediately after Windows Server 2012 was released. I had a couple of goals with my new architecture: I wanted to minimize downtime due to hardware servicing…. Read more

5th Grader using Hyper-V

A colleague at Microsoft just sent me a pointer to this video of his 5th grade son showing you how to use Hyper-V to create a virtual machine: This seems like an excellent idea for our next Hyper-V advertising campaign! Cheers, Ben… Read more

My Life Running on Hyper-V

In my job, as a program manager, I spend a lot of time talking to people who are planning or deploying Hyper-V.  One of the things I love about developing software is when you get to see people using your software in the real world – and I get to see this every day with… Read more

Friday Afternoon–hardware time

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; I spend far too much time in meetings these days.  But I try to keep my Friday afternoons free of meetings – and often use this time to update my various servers and try out new configurations.  Today it is time to rebuild some of my storage: Specifically I am throwing a… Read more

Another reason to virtualize (and an appeal for aid)

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; The last couple of days have been very strange and stressful for me.  The reason for this is that my home town – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – is currently being flooded.  Thankfully all of my family is safe at this point in time – but it has been a very tense process… Read more