Hyper-V VSS HotFix Available

We recently released KB956697 for Hyper-V. This hotfix addresses a specific issue that we have identified with VSS support under Hyper-V.  The issue is that if you have any invalid / corrupt / missing virtual machine configuration files – VSS will silently fail to backup *any* of the virtual machines on your system. With this… Read more

RTM of Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V Now Available

After a short delay, the RTM build of the Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V can now be downloaded from connect.microsoft.com (You need to register for this – but registration is free and easy). These integration components contain some critical features: High performance I/O drivers for networking and disk (both IDE and SCSI) for Linux under… Read more

VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool

Matthijs ten Seldam has produced a cool tool that allows you to take your existing Virtual PC / Virtual Server .VMC files and import them into Hyper-V.  This tool does not do any fix-up on the virtual hard disk (i.e. you will still need to uninstall the virtual machine additions and install the integration services)… Read more

Virtualization Launch Event

So while I was off at TechEd New Zealand and TechEd Australia (having a great time!) we had our big virtualization launch event – so now that I am back I thought I had better (belatedly) post the important information: Microsoft Hyper-V Server, a stand alone version of Hyper-V (minus all the usual Windows capabilities),… Read more

Battle Chess II under Virtual PC

Battle Chess II was released in 1990, two years after the original Battle Chess.  Battle Chess II sports higher quality graphics and support for Sound Blaster sound effects (though it actually uses the Sound Blasters musical "FM" capabilities for these sound effects – which is kind of odd). But the biggest change from the original… Read more

Hyper-V: VM on USB Disk fails to start

If you are trying to start a virtual machine on a USB Disk (or any other external disk) and receive the following error message: The most likely cause is that the physical disk is FAT32 formatted.  Hyper-V requires that you use NTFS for storing virtual machines for security purposes, and will fail to create the… Read more

Hyper-V – Export & Import (Part 2)

Yesterday I looked at how to do a basic export / import operation.  One thing I glossed over was the Reuse old virtual machine IDs option in the Import Virtual Machine dialog. As I mentioned in yesterday, the virtual machine ID is what Hyper-V uses to uniquely identify a virtual machine. Simply put: if you… Read more

Hyper-V – Export & Import (Part 1)

Before I get going I want to get this out of the way:  Export / import in Hyper-V is by no means intuitive or easy to use.  It is definitely something that I hope we can improve in a future release – but for this release it is functional. So with that behind us, let’s… Read more

TechEd Australia and New Zealand

Next week I am going to be jumping on a plane and going to New Zealand and Australia to talk virtualization. Here is my speaking schedule: New Zealand: Session: Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Architecture, Scenarios and Networking Deep Dive Date:  Tuesday September 2nd  2008 Timeslot: 9:00am – 10:15am Session: Deploying Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and… Read more