Virtualization versus Emulation…

There is a lot of confusion in this world about what the difference between a virtual machine and an emulated machine is.  I personally blame this on two factors:  Most people don’t really care ‘Virtual’ is an overloaded word in the English language To quickly talk about the second point – you see ‘virtual’ can… Read more

The other reason why I love Virtual PC

Would have to be because I love nothing more than to just tinker with old and esoteric operating systems – and find out what makes them tick.  On the virtual machine team I am known as the person who is most likely to know why obscure operating system XYZ has some oddity in it. Needless… Read more

Time to begin the C&C saga – on Virtual PC

Okay, Recently a couple of people have asked me how to get various members of the Command and Conquer (C&C) series running under Virtual PC.  As a long time C&C fanatic – I happen to own all of the versions – and have figured out how to get them working under Virtual PC.  So I… Read more

Virtual PC 2004 SP1 is now available…

You can grab it from: It has a bunch of bug fixes – most notable mentions include: Improved performance for XP SP2 as a guest Bug fixes for running on Athlon and Prescott processors You can now use DOS Folder Sharing and EMM386 at the same time (yay!) Plus a whole bunch of other… Read more

Gaming in Virtual PC…

Hi again, A lot of people use Virtual PC for different things.  Our primary target markets are: Legacy application migration in the enterprise Development / test / training / demonstration environments. Me – I like to use it for gaming (and many other things).  Virtual PC only emulates a 2D video card – so it… Read more

Virtual PC Guy’s Blog is up and running

Hi y’all, Finally got around to setting up my blog. For those who don’t know me – I’m Ben Armstrong, a Program Manager on the virtual machine team at Microsoft. This blog will be used to talk about my favorite program of all time – Virtual PC! Umm… Yeah – I’ll talk about Virtual Server… Read more