Fixing Network Adapter settings on Checkpoints

Here is an interesting question from the Hyper-V forums: In essence – the situation is that the user has: Created a virtual machine Connected it to a virtual switch Taken a checkpoint Deleted and recreated the virtual switch Now, whenever they apply the old checkpoint – they get a configuration error message.  They can… Read more

Ben is on the road this week…

I am currently sitting in a hotel in Nashville making this post.  I will be in Minnieapolis and Cincinnati later this week – as I am presenting at three Virtual Server launch events.  So posting and responding to feedback is going to be hit and miss this week. Cheers, Ben… Read more

Virtualization versus Emulation…

There is a lot of confusion in this world about what the difference between a virtual machine and an emulated machine is.  I personally blame this on two factors:  Most people don’t really care ‘Virtual’ is an overloaded word in the English language To quickly talk about the second point – you see ‘virtual’ can… Read more

The other reason why I love Virtual PC

Would have to be because I love nothing more than to just tinker with old and esoteric operating systems – and find out what makes them tick.  On the virtual machine team I am known as the person who is most likely to know why obscure operating system XYZ has some oddity in it. Needless… Read more

Time to begin the C&C saga – on Virtual PC

Okay, Recently a couple of people have asked me how to get various members of the Command and Conquer (C&C) series running under Virtual PC.  As a long time C&C fanatic – I happen to own all of the versions – and have figured out how to get them working under Virtual PC.  So I… Read more

Virtual PC 2004 SP1 is now available…

You can grab it from: It has a bunch of bug fixes – most notable mentions include: Improved performance for XP SP2 as a guest Bug fixes for running on Athlon and Prescott processors You can now use DOS Folder Sharing and EMM386 at the same time (yay!) Plus a whole bunch of other… Read more

Gaming in Virtual PC…

Hi again, A lot of people use Virtual PC for different things.  Our primary target markets are: Legacy application migration in the enterprise Development / test / training / demonstration environments. Me – I like to use it for gaming (and many other things).  Virtual PC only emulates a 2D video card – so it… Read more

Virtual PC Guy’s Blog is up and running

Hi y’all, Finally got around to setting up my blog. For those who don’t know me – I’m Ben Armstrong, a Program Manager on the virtual machine team at Microsoft. This blog will be used to talk about my favorite program of all time – Virtual PC! Umm… Yeah – I’ll talk about Virtual Server… Read more