Scaling out PowerShell with PowerShell Direct

I have spent a bunch of time this week working on various demos for Ignite in Atlanta.  While building these demos I have been heavily using PowerShell Direct to orchestrate large sets of virtual machines. A common pattern that I encounter is that I will write one piece of code – and then want to… Read more

Hyper-V @ Ignite

I am busily getting ready for my Hyper-V session at Ignite this year – and went to check for other sessions that I could be pointing people to.  Initial results where not hopeful: Umm.  What?  Well – after a short discussion with the team running the Ignite website, it seems that the session search can’t… Read more

Script to Inventory VM Guest OSes – Updated

The other day a colleague asked me how to use PowerShell to gather information about what operating system was running inside of each virtual machine on a Hyper-V server.  I went to point them to this blog post: Scripts to Inventory Virtual Machines [Hyper-V].  But then realized that there were two problems: This script uses… Read more