I’m Speaking at OpenStack Day Seattle 2015

Did you know that there is a lot that you can do with Microsoft and OpenStack?

  • We have Nova Drivers for Hyper-V
  • We have an Open-vSwitch Driver for Hyper-V
  • We have Cinder Drivers for Windows iSCSI
  • We have Cinder Drivers for SMB
  • Keystone connects to Active Directory
    • In fact – Active Directory is the 3rd most common deployment option for Keystone in OpenStack
  • We have CloudInit support for Windows
  • We have Heat templates + Juju Charms for popular Microsoft workloads
  • Our Docker integration work with Windows Containers puts us in a great position for easy integration with Project Magnum

On August 20th I will be speaking at OpenStack Day Seattle 2015 – and stepping through all the ways that Microsoft and OpenStack can work together today.