Getting QoS Right with Hyper-V and Converged Networking

Back in the “olden days” of Windows Server 2008 R2, getting networking right for a Hyper-V private cloud was simple.  Annoying – yes.  But simple.  Basically – you just had to have a separate network adapter (or two) for every class of traffic possible.

Thankfully with Windows Server 2012 (and 2012 R2) there are a number of ways to converge networking and you can now effectively run on only two of four network adapters.  While this is nice – it does raise a problem: how do you make sure that everyone gets the network bandwidth that they need?

You see – the different classes of traffic in a Hyper-V private cloud have very different behaviors and requirements.

  • Some are low bandwidth – but critical (like the cluster heart beat and remote management)
  • Some are medium to high bandwidth – and fairly constant (like virtual machine storage)
  • Some are high bandwidth – but sporadic (like live migration)

And making everything work smoothly can be challenging.  Fortunately we have some great documentation that is available here:

This steps through some of the common converged network configuration that we see – and tells you how to configure QoS (quality of service) settings to ensure that the right thing happens in your environment.