New networking tab on Hyper-V Manager in Windows “8”

Here is another small feature that I have fallen in love with in Hyper-V in Windows “8”.  When you open the Hyper-V manager you will see that we have added some extra tabs to the bottom of the virtual machine status.  One of the tabs is labeled Networking:


On this tab you can see how many network adapters a virtual machine has and which virtual switches they are connected to.  Be far more importantly – you can see the IP addresses that are being used by the virtual machine.  It wasn’t until I had spent some time using Windows “8” that I realized how often I would log into a virtual machine – just to run ipconfig and figure out its IP address.  Now I can get this quickly at a glance.

Note – in order for this to work you must have the latest version of the integration services loaded inside the virtual machine.