Catching up on Hyper-V at BUILD

I am running late on getting this post up – but a promise is a promise:

We talked a lot about what is happening in Windows 8 at BUILD – and we also covered a lot of material about Hyper-V.  Luckily, all the sessions were recorded and can now be viewed online.  While there is a ton of great material (and I would encourage you to check out yourself to see if there is anything that interests you) I do want to take a moment to call out the sessions that were specific to Hyper-V.

First, we had one session that talked about using Hyper-V on the desktop:


The rest of the sessions were focused on developments in Hyper-V as part of Windows Server.  Here, the first thing I would recommend watching is the “Windows Server 8” overview:


After which there are many sessions that go into specific details for Hyper-V on the server side: