Sometimes it is better to not be polite

When we are working on Hyper-V there are a lot of things that we work on that you may not be aware of.  One thing that we pay a lot of attention to is the text that is displayed in our user interfaces.  Obviously, we want this text to be as easy to read and as helpful as possible.  But we also want to make sure that the style of writing we use is consistent with the rest of Windows. 

One case where Hyper-V is not consistent with the rest of Windows was recently called to my attention.  Can you spot it in this dialog:


The problem is the “Please don’t ask me again” option.  Specifically the “Please”.  You see, everywhere else in Windows this option would just read “Don’t ask me again” and our use of please is not consistent.

I had never really noticed this before – but now that I know about it I am always spotting the fact that Hyper-V tends to say “Please”.