Lots of information about “Windows Server 8”

Now that the BUILD conference is over, there is a lot of information that is available about “Windows Server 8”. We are still in early stages (I should highlight that the build of Windows Server that was provided last week is a “developer preview” build – which means it is not even at beta yet) but there is a lot of exciting stuff that is coming, and there is a lot that you can learn about today.

I particularly want to call out a post that Bill Laing (Corp VP in Server) has posted, “Windows Server 8:An Introduction”. It gives you an idea of the topics that they plan to roll out from this new blog along with a lot of new things in Hyper-V.

Later this week – I will try and post a list of the BUILD session videos that will be interesting to any virtualization enthusiasts (thankfully, all sessions at BUILD were recorded and can be viewed at http://www.buildwindows.com/).

If you want to keep track of information that is coming out about Windows Server 8 – here are some extra resources that you can look into:

  • The server team have created an official “Windows Server 8” portal on the Microsoft website. This provides a good high-level summary of the vision and thinking behind Windows Server 8 – as well as providing pointers to various resources.
  • As I mentioned Bill’s post earlier, we are also going to be talking about what is coming in Windows Server 8 and System Center over on the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform blog.
  • Bill also talked about Windows Server 8 at length in his “Windows Server 8” session at BUILD (Windows Server 8 | BUILD2011 | Channel 9)

One final point – some people have been asking me where they can download the Server version of the Developer Preview from. While the desktop version is available for general download, you need to have a MSDN subscription to download the Server version. If you have a MSDN subscription, you need to:

  1. Sign into MSDN
  2. Go to subscription downloads
  3. Search for “Windows Server Developer Preview”