First (official) information about Hyper-V in “Windows Server 8”

Over on the virtualization team blog we have just posted a link to the first public demo of some of the new features coming in Hyper-V in “Windows Server 8”.  Some of the features that were demonstrated included:

  • Virtual machines with at least 16 virtual processors (we have not yet stated what the official limit will be – but it will be more than 16 virtual processors)
  • The ability to replicate virtual machines for disaster recovery purposes, using built in Hyper-V technology (no extra add-ons)

You can see the demo for yourself by going here and jumping to ~37:30.

I am sure that many of you will have lots of questions for me – but unfortunately I cannot say anything more than what is covered in the demo.  So please be patient while we wait for more information to come out.