MED-V 2.0 available as part of MDOP 2011

I know I am late getting this up – but I have been quite busy lately Smile

Earlier this month we released MED-V 2.0 and it is now available for everyone who has access to MDOP.

There are a large number of changes in the MED-V 2.0 release.  The first obvious one is that it is build to utilize Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 (as opposed to previous versions of MED-V that used Virtual PC 2007).  But – arguably – bigger than that is some of the architectural changes in the 2.0 release.  MED-V 1.0 used a central dedicated “MED-V Server” for managing your environment, but this is gone in the 2.0 release.

This has some advantages and some disadvantages.  The biggest draw back with this change is that there are some cool features that are no longer supported (like the “trim transfer” feature), but this trade off is worth it for the benefits.  The first obvious one is that you do not need to maintain “yet another server”.  But beyond that it means that you can distribute and managed the MED-V packages using any standard processes that are used in your environment.  It also makes it a lot easier to get up and running with MED-V.

If you want to check this out – there is a very useful trial guide here: MED-V 2.0 Trial Guide

As well as some walk-through videos here: MED-V 2.0 video series

Finally – one of our MVPs, Leandro Carvalho, has posted a set of very useful wiki posts on using MED-V 2.0 to the TechNet Wiki: