Updated Hyper-V Best Practice Analyzer

Last April we released the first Hyper-V Best Practice Analyzer.  This has been one of our top Hyper-V related downloads – and we have received lots of good feedback about this tool.

Last week we released an update for the Hyper-V Best Practice Analyzer that you can download here:


(Note – you need to have the original Best Practice Analyzer installed first).

This update includes:

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 updates:

  • The memory configuration rules have been updated to account for the new supported limits once dynamic memory is enabled.
  • Server roles that are needed for RemoteFX are no longer flagged as being a problem if they are installed with Hyper-V
  • Allow a consolidation ratio of 12:1 for Windows 7 virtual machines (still 8:1 for server virtual machines)

Bug fixes:

  • Correctly report “Microsoft Hyper-V Server” as a server core installation
  • Correct issues with identifying whether ECC or non-ECC ram is present in the physical computer

Changed from customer feedback:

  • No longer flag the presence of the file server role as an issue – as there are many valid configurations for this.