Back from vacation!

After a relaxing December on vacation I am now back at work – and ready to start blogging.  Or, at least, I thought I would be ready to start blogging.  Instead – I found that I needed to do a spot of cleaning first.

You see – somehow, in my absence, a lot of snow had gotten into my office:


Actually – it wasn’t snow (I am sure that came as a surprise to you) but a whole heap of shredded Styrofoam thoughtfully placed there by a colleague of mine.  At first I thought it looked quite pretty – and was intending to leave my office like this for a couple of days.  However – there were some issues:

  1. The Styrofoam resulted in a massive build up of static electricity in my office.  There was actually a sizable amount of Styrofoam stuck to the walls – with nothing but static electricity.  Just walking into the office cause all of the hair on my arms and legs to stand on end.  Needless to say, I was terrified about the thought of turning a computer on (also notice that some of my computers do not have their cases on).
  2. As a result of the static – whenever I left my office, I did so with a large covering of Styrofoam on my body.  I am sure that by the end of the week most of the Styrofoam would have naturally migrated from my office and out into the wilds of Microsoft.
  3. Finally – as a result of the clingy Styrofoam, it was very easy to track me down this morning.  You just had to start at my office and follow the trails of Styrofoam down the hallways.

So, instead of writing something technical this afternoon – I spent some time vacuuming up my office (now with 90% less Styrofoam in it).  I will try to have something better to say tomorrow Smile