Windows Virtual PC Everywhere

With our recent update to Windows Virtual PC that allows it to run on systems without hardware virtualization support – I have been flooded by a stream of people asking what hardware it will run on / if it will run on their system.

The short answer is: If it can run Windows 7, it can run Windows Virtual PC.  Note that Windows 7 has a requirement of needing a 1GHz processor – so that should help you qualify your system.

To drive this point home, I provide the following bit of evidence:

This is a photo of OS/2 Warp 3 running on Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 on my Dell Vostro A90 netbook (the Vostro A90 is basically the business version of the Dell Mini 9).  This is a system with an Intel Atom N270 processor – which means it runs at 1.60 GHz and has no hardware virtualization support.

And as you can see – it works just fine.


P.S. Friday afternoon nerd challenge: Can you identify all the hardware that is sitting in the background / around the netbook?