TechNet Wiki Beta up with a bunch of Hyper-V content

Tony Soper has just posted about the availability of the TechNet Wiki beta.  You can go and check it out here:

There is already a bunch of Hyper-V content up there.

I have already had people ask me why we are looking at doing a wiki when we already have Technet + KBs + Blogs + Forums.

There are a number of reasons for this (and to be clear – the Technet wiki is run by a different group at Microsoft – so they probably have more reasons than I have for this) but the biggest advantage that I see is that this is a great opportunity to get “real world best practices” in a place where everyone can access them.

So – if you have found that in your environment there are things that have worked well with Hyper-V, or things that have not, get over to the wiki and write it up for others to learn about it.