Changing the DPI settings of Windows XP Mode

I have a deep, dark secret to confess. 

I run Windows in high DPI mode (this is where Windows displays larger text / icons).  I do not know why, but as a “tech guy” I sense some deep shame over this.  However, I just find my computer screens *so* much more readable in a high DPI mode. 

It is because of this that I know that setting up high DPI inside Windows XP mode can be a bit tricky.  The problem is that Windows XP mode uses Remote Desktop technology for integrated mode – and Remote Desktop does not allow you to change the DPI settings.

The way that you get this to work is:

  1. Disable Integration Features
  2. Right click on the desktop and select Properties
  3. Change to the Settings tab and click the Advanced button
  4. Change the DPI setting
  5. Hit OK and OK

At this stage you will be prompted to reboot the virtual machine.  When it comes back up it should boot into integrated mode automatically – but now with high DPI enabled.