My VMworld Schedule

I finally got signed up for various sessions at VMworld.  Unfortunately – I took too long, so there are some that I would like to have attended that were filled up already.  Also, I will not be at VMworld for Monday and the first part of Tuesday, as Tuesday is my daughters first day at school.  So here is my schedule:

  • Tuesday 9/1:
    • TA2713  —  Safe At Any Speed with VMware DRS & DPM
    • DV3458  —  Better Software Development and Testing using VMware Workstation
    • DV4243  —  How to make BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC) a Reality?
  • Wednesday 9/2:
    • EA2631  —  Virtualizing Exchange 2007 on vSphere 4 — Technical Considerations and Customer Success Story
    • DV2801  —  Integrating VMware View into your environment
    • DV3532  —  Virtual Desktop Security
    • TA3880  —  Head-To-Head Comparison: VMware vSphere and ESX vs. Hyper-V and XenServer
    • TA3105  —  Long Distance VMotion
  • Thursday 9/3:
    • DV2439  —  Breaking Down Desktop Virtualization Alternatives
    • DV2461  —  Virtualization on mobile phones?  Why do I need that?
    • DV1961  —  VMware Workstation and Player Technology Preview
    • VM2643  —  Infrastructure Performance Panel
    • VM2847  —  Upgrading to vSphere – Things to consider

I have tried to get a broad spectrum of VMware’s offerings in my agenda.  My top three sessions that I am looking forward to would have to be:

  1. TA3880  —  Head-To-Head Comparison: VMware vSphere and ESX vs. Hyper-V and XenServer
  • I am very curious to hear what VMware have to say about Microsoft and Citrix here 🙂
  • DV3532  —  Virtual Desktop Security
    • This is a panel session where customers will ask VMware about securing VDI deployments.  This puts it high on my list, as I will get to hear what is on the minds of users who are considering VDI deployments on VMware.
  • VM2643  —  Infrastructure Performance Panel
    • Another panel session, but this time with a number of different presenters from different companies.  Understanding where the perceived bottlenecks are with VMware today is very helpful for me when trying to understand how we compare on similar issues.

    Of course, I am still waiting to hear when I will be on for booth duty at the Microsoft booth, so I will probably need to miss some of these sessions.

    So – if you are going to VMworld – which sessions are you looking forward to?