The Secret of Monkey Island under Virtual PC

Getting back to playing all of my LucasArts games under Virtual PC, the next stop is The Secret of Monkey Island.  In many ways this was a land mark game for the adventure game format, and many people have fond memories of it.

You play “Guybrush Threepwood” who is a young man who is aspiring to become a famous pirate.  Along the way you develop skills (like insult swordfighting), fall in love with the local Governor Elaine Marley, and have to defeat the ghost pirate LeChuck.

The Secret of Monkey has a great sense of humor, challenging puzzles and the now infamous “impossible to die / fail” approach to adventure gaming.  Thankfully this game runs perfectly under Virtual PC:

monkey14 monkey11 monkey13

You just need to use VGA video and sound blaster for your settings.