Quest for Glory III: Wages of War under Virtual PC

Yikes! It has been a while since I played these games.  I have already covered the first and second installments of the Quest for Glory series – so now – onto number 3!

Quest for Glory III continues on with the story from before.  You have saved Shapier and have been dubbed the “Prince of Shapier”, oddly enough you are immediately whisked off to a foreign land (Tarna) to help stop a brewing war there.  There are many changes in this installment:

  • Gone is the text interface, instead everything is done with mouse.

  • There is a new “overworld” that is displayed while moving between locations – which helps to make the world feel larger.

  • There is no Thieves’ Guild

Unfortunately – in my opinion – this series just goes down hill from the first to the last (which is quite a shame considering how much I love the first Quest for Glory).  Quest for Glory III still has the “timed events” that I disliked from Quest for Glory II.  However, it runs correctly under Virtual PC:

qfg3-2 qfg3-6 qfg3-9

One strange thing though, is that no matter what settings I use this game always starts by telling me that it could not initialize the audio hardware – and the proceeds to play sounds and music with no problems.