Trials of Battle under Virtual PC

It has been too long since I posted about gaming under Virtual PC – so today I would like to talk about "Trials of Battle". This game was made by Stardock in 1996 – and is one of the few "first person shooting" games that exists for OS/2. 

Personally I have always liked this game.

It was quite ahead of it’s time – as it was a "death-match" style first person shooter. For single player you play against "bots" and maintain the "death-match" style.  You are thrown into a pit in a small hover tank and need to battle against other tanks.  When you (or your opponents) are killed you are sent back to the garage and given a countdown until you can go back into the fray.

At the end of each level (the battles are time limited) you are awarded money for your frag count ranking, and you use this money to repair your tank and buy upgrades.


The game runs perfectly under Virtual PC (with sound and networking).  You can no longer get the full game – but you can download the demo from here: – of course you need to have an OS/2 virtual machine handy.