Using Virtual PC to Evaluate EEE PC

For a while now I have been eyeing off the Asus EEE PC. I liked the look of it and wanted to get one as a ‘mobile email client’ to use at Microsoft.  However there were two significant issues for me.  The first was that it only supports a display of 800×480 – and I wasn’t sure if I could actually use Outlook at that resolution.  The second was that it only has 4GB of storage.

I spent some time trying to find some hardware that I could use to try this out – and soon found that none of my computers would support this resolution.  But in a moment of inspiration I realized that as Virtual PC supports arbitrary resolutions once Virtual Machine Additions are installed, I could use Virtual PC as a test:

eeepctest1 eeepctest2 eeepctest3

A little while later I had a virtual machine with a 4GB hard disk and Vista running at 800×480.  Thanks to this I was able to confirm that yes – the EEE PC was a good option for me.