Warheads on Virtual PC 2007

Wow, it has been far too long since I posted about gaming and virtualization…  So today I would like to talk about Warheads.  This is a wacky little game released by Ionos Interactive and Total Play in 1997.  It is basically a version of scorched earth based in outer space – but there is a complication.  You and your opponents are randomly placed on different planets – and the planets have gravity that affect the course of your projectile.  Indeed it is not uncommon to try and get a missile into high sub-orbit of a planet to try and nail a player who is on the other side of the planet you are on – or to need to have a missile slingshot from one planets gravity field to another’s so that you can wiggle across the map to hit someone who you do not have a direct line of fire.

warheads1 warheads2 warheads3

Warheads also supports network based multi-player but unfortunately the built in computer players fall in the categories of "profoundly dumb" (often blow themselves up) or "impossible to beat" (getting the correct shot on the first shot).  This game failed to run on my Vista computer – but ran happily in a Windows 98 virtual machine.  I did have to use Turbo inside the virtual machine to slow it down enough for my purposes – but otherwise everything was great.