Windows Server virtualization (Hyper-V) Step-by-Step guide available

Well, if you have not got around to checking out the community technical preview build of Windows Server virtualization (Hyper-V) in the Windows Server 2008 RC0 build – there is now a nice “Step-by-Step” guide that walks you through the process of getting up and running.  You can check it out here: Cheers, Ben… Read more

Kosmonaut under Virtual PC 2007

A while ago I reviewed SkyRoads under Virtual PC – however I missed the predecessor to SkyRoads: Kosmonaut.  This game was released in 1990 and plays very similarly to its successor.  The graphics are slightly less polished but interestingly the levels are a lot harder. Indeed – after spending about an hour playing it last… Read more

Troubleshooting corrupt VM configuration files with Virtual Server

If you have an installation of Virtual Server that has been working correctly – but now you are finding that: The Administrative website loads, but does not display any virtual machines. The Administrative website loads, but displays an error message about a corrupt configuration file. The Administrative website fails to load and you get an… Read more

Disabling Time Synchronization under Virtual PC 2007

When you have Virtual Machine Additions installed on Virtual PC we will automatically synchronize the virtual machines time with that of the host operating system.  For most people this is a “good thing” – but if this is something you want to disable you need to: Stop the virtual machine in question. Locate the .VMC… Read more

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 Scripting Guide

Now this is the sort of white paper that I like to read: System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 Scripting Guide 143 pages of useful script samples for SCVMM – which highlights common tasks like: Adding and configuring new Virtual Server hosts. Deploying and configuration new virtual machines from the library. Moving virtual machines between… Read more

Planning a Virtual Machine Manager 2007 Deployment

A great little white paper on planing a virtual machine manager 2007 deployment has been made available here: It is actually quite pithy (for a Microsoft white paper) and is focused on identifying what you need to do before deploying SCVMM, alerting you to any potential deployment blocking problems (and informing you how to… Read more

More VHDs available

Just poking around the Microsoft VHD site and there have been some new VHDs added.  New on the VHD site recently are: Biztalk Server 2006, Windows Server 2008 Beta 3, Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Beta 2 and Windows Vista Enterprise 30-day Eval Edition.  There is also a new VHD available for Microsoft Search Server 2008… Read more

Introducing Microsoft Hyper-V

Today at Tech ED / IT FORUM in Barcelona we made a couple of important announcements: Windows Server virtualization in Windows Server 2008 (formerly codenamed ‘Viridian’) will have an official product name of ‘Hyper-V’.  Love it or hate it – it is what we will use (personally – having known about this for a while… Read more

Updated VMRCPlus available

Thanks to the hard work of Matthijs ( there is a new build of VMRCPlus available for download here: A brief summary of the changes is as follows: The terminology of VMRCplus has been updated. Configuration of scripts on both the Virtual Server and Virtual Machine level.  VMRCplus offers configuring promiscuous mode on the… Read more