Updated VMRCPlus available

Thanks to the hard work of Matthijs (http://blogs.technet.com/matthts/) there is a new build of VMRCPlus available for download here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=80adc08c-bfc6-4c3a-b4f1-772f550ae791&displaylang=en

A brief summary of the changes is as follows:

  • The terminology of VMRCplus has been updated.
  • Configuration of scripts on both the Virtual Server and Virtual Machine level. 
  • VMRCplus offers configuring promiscuous mode on the network so you can trace traffic in the virtual switch. 
  • Minor enhancements like storage of Console Manager coordinates, conflict handling when a shortcut already exists 
  • The COM and LPT port assignment logic fixes 
  • The x86 installer package no longer installs on x64. 
  •  Error handling has been enhanced and several issues have been fixed.