Disabling folder sharing / clipboard integration / etc… under Virtual PC

When you install the Virtual Machine Additions under Virtual PC you get a lot of benefits.  You get faster performance, integrated mouse cursor support, folder sharing, clipboard integration, drag and drop integration and dynamic desktop resizing.  There are times – however – when all this integration can be a problem.  For instance, you may be working in an environment where you do not want to be able to easily transfer data between the host and the guest (for security or confidentiality reasons).  It is possible, thought non-intuitive, to disable folder sharing,clipboard integration, drag and drop integration and dynamic desktop resizing while still having improved performance and mouse cursor integration.

To do this under Virtual PC 2007 (note – this will not work on earlier releases), you need to go into the guest OS and delete the following registry key:

“VMUserServices”=”C:\Program Files\Virtual Machine Additions\vmusrvc.exe”

When you restart the virtual machine these services will now no longer be present (you may want to delete ‘vmusrvc.exe’ if you are worried about users starting it themselves).