Flying Tigers under Virtual PC

This is an old vertical scrolling flying shooting them up style game, similar to Raptor in many cases, but not as polished.  The story behind this game is fairly flimsy and tells of bad guys who got control of time machines-which sets the stage for you to fly in your high tech UFO style spaceship while you battle propeller planes from the Second World War.  Fun and mayhem ensue.  I would not say this is one of my favorite games, but I do have a fun time every time I sit down to play it.

flyingTigers1 flyingTigers2 flyingTigers3

This game is quite playable under Virtual PC, but there are few gotchas to be aware of:

  1. After letting the setup program on a detective sound card, if you let it test your sound card the setup program will hang.  If you skip this test the sound card will work fine under the real game.

  2. If the game runs too quickly on your computer there is an option under the game option menu to slow it down. 

  3. On some computers the sound effects will glitch up occasionally.  If this happens to you you can disable the sound effects in the game option menu.

You can download this came from here: