Captain COMIC under Virtual PC


You are Captain Comic, galactic hero. Your mission is to
recover three treasures from the planet Omsoc, which have
been stolen away and hidden on the remote planet of Tambi.
Your task will not be easy, you will need to gather tools to
increase your fighting and defensive capability, navigate
dangerous terrain, and avoid or destroy a horde of deadly
creatures. It will take all of the Captain’s skill and wit
to see the treasures returned to Omsoc.

And so, with such an introduction you are on your way to playing Captain COMIC.  As an old platform game from 1988 this game is not overly complex, nor is it really that entertaining, however it seems that it was played by a surprisingly large number of people.

comic0 comic4 comic3

As a brave galactic hero you wonder from level to level facing such fierce opponents as the ‘shy bird’, the ‘beach ball’ and the ‘blind toad’.  Yeah… I never really did understand this game – but it plays just fine under VPC!

And you can download it here: