X-Wing under Virtual PC

Now this is a classic, the original DOS version of X-Wing.  The game where you got to play as part of the rebellion and try to overthrow the evil empire – you even get to participate in the final run on the Death Star.

This game had many things that made it great.  It had an amazing 3D engine (for the day), a compelling story line, and a lot of attention to detail.  The missions in this game are quite authentic for a ‘rebellion’ in that you are always racing against the clock to try and complete your mission before stronger forces arrive from the Empire.  Similarly, many of your missions involve skulking around and trying to destroy / capture ships without drawing attention to yourself.

xwing3 xwing4 xwing5

X-Wing runs well under Virtual PC – with smooth graphics and perfect sound support.  The only problem is that you cannot use the joystick – which leaves you relying on mouse / keyboard (annoying, but possible to do).