Recovering a lost Virtual PC Console

For various reasons, from time to time, people report that they can no longer access the Virtual PC Console.  Inevitably, Virtual PC has decided to open the Virtual PC Console off the edge of the visible screen.  Virtual PC stores the information about where the console should be opened at in the Options.xml file. 

If this happens to you – there are three possible solutions:

  1. Exit Virtual PC and delete %appdata%MicrosoftVirtual PCOptions.xml.  You will lose any global configuration settings – but you will get the console back on the next launch.
  2. Follow these directions to edit Options.xml, and change the values for the left_position and top_position fields to something smaller.
  3. Immediately after opening Virtual PC (and before clicking on anything) press ALT, Left Arrow, Down Arrow, m, Left Arrow – and then move your mouse.  The console should snap back onto the screen.