Sid & Al’s Incredible Toons under Virtual PC

Released soon after the original Incredible Machine, Sid & Al’s Incredible Toons added an interesting twist to the game. Just like the original, you are presented with problems that you need to solve by placing objects in a playing field and having the objects interact with each other.  The new aspect of this game is the presence of two toons, Sid and Al (a mouse and a cat).  In each puzzle you need to get Sid or Al to perform a specific task.  The fun thing is that Sid and Al react differently to different objects.  Some are obvious (only a mouse would be interested cheese), but others are far more subtle.

While this game is playable (and able to be completed) under Virtual PC – there is one annoying problem.  If you look at the screen shots you will see that the bottom potion of the screen is replicated (and shifted) on the top part of the screen. But, while this is visually distracting it does not get in the way of game play.