Monster Bash under Virtual PC

Young hero Johnny Dash visits the Under
World of Count Chuck to save his dog, Tex.
Over 2 Megs compressed graphics (Apogee’s
biggest game yet!). Full Ad Lib soundtrack
and nightmarish Sound Blaster digitized
effects. Two cinematic scenes. Get the
file #1MB-PIX.ZIP for preview slide show.
Absolutely the most animated game Apogee
has created to date. Three skill levels.
Joystick support, save/restore, hints, etc.
Don’t let the gruesome graphics give you
nightmares–it’s only a game!!! (v2.1)

Monster Bash is an odd, but playable, platform game from Apogee.  Calling it “Horror” is a bit of a stretch though.  Yes, your rivals in the game are things such as zombies and disembodied hands, but your character is a small boy in his pajamas armed with a sling shot.  And you aim is to release all the pets from their cages on each level.

Frankly, this game never made that much sense to me.

Monster Bash is playable under Virtual PC.  It uses some smooth scrolling tricks on the video card that we do not get quite right, so you will see flickering whenever you scroll from side to side – but I was able to tune this out while I was playing.  Apart from that, everything works fine.  The controls feel a bit ‘fuzzy’ – but that is the way the game is written.

You can learn more about Monster Bash (and download the shareware version of it) from 3D Realms.