LaserWars under Virtual PC

Man!  It has been too long since I’ve done a gaming post.  Sorry for all the seriousness :-).  But on to the topic at hand, LaserWars under Virtual PC.  This is a fun little shareware program from 1994.  You and your opponent both control a tank that is capable of shooting a powerful laser beam.  Your goal is to use this beam to blow up your opponent.  You can do this by either moving your tank, or by placing or removing angled mirrors that change the course of your laser beam.

This sounds really simple, but the challenge is that any mirrors that you configure to get your opponent, can be used by your opponent to get you.  So this game actually ends up being quite engaging, with a lot of thought needing to be given to your strategy.

LaserWars under Virtual PC   LaserWars under Virtual PC   LaserWars under Virtual PC  

The game runs perfectly well under Virtual PC, but unfortunately even though it is a shareware program, I have been unable to find a download of it on the Internet.  So if you have this sitting around somewhere on an old floppy disk or hard drive, I recommend that you get it out and play it one more time.  You know you want to.