Gathering processor information about running virtual machines

Under Virtual Server each virtual machine has access to the same processor capabilities as are present in the physical computer.  This sample script uses the Virtual Server COM API to find out the processor capabilities that are currently available for a specific virtual machine.

Option Explicit

dim vs, vm

‘ Attempt to connect to Virtual Server
Set vs = CreateObject(“VirtualServer.Application”)

‘Get virtual machine object
set vm = vs.FindVirtualMachine(“A virtual machine”)

‘Display virtual machine processor information
wscript.echo “HasMMX             : ” & vm.HasMMX
wscript.echo “HasSSE             : ” & vm.HasSSE
wscript.echo “HasSSE2            : ” & vm.HasSSE2
wscript.echo “Has3DNow           : ” & vm.Has3DNow
wscript.echo “ProcessorSpeed     : ” & vm.ProcessorSpeed

As you can see you can gather information about the presence of MMX, SSE, SSE2, and 3DNow.  You can also find out what speed processor is exposed to the virtual machine.  This information can be very useful if you are managing virtual machines on a large number of physical computers, and do not have information about the physical processor capabilities handy.