Installing Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Vista RC1 / RC2

I have received a couple of emails asking me about installing Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Windows Vista RC1 / RC2 (and I will admit that it is very lazy of me to have not posted directions yet).  For the most part it is just like it was for Windows Vista Beta 2 – but to provide a more detailed and up-to-date set of instructions:

There are two main parts. 

First you need to configure IIS correctly.  To do this you will need to enable to following subcomponents of IIS:

Under Web Management Tools enable:

  • IIS Management Console 

Under IIS 6 Management Compatibility enable:

  • IIS Metabase and IIS6 configuration compatibility 

Under Application Development Features enable:

  • CGI

Under Common Http Features enable:

  • Default Document 
  • Directory Browsing 
  • HTTP Errors 
  • Static Content 

Under Health and Diagnostics enable:

  • HTTP Logging 
  • Request Monitor

Under Performance Features enable:

  • Static Content Compression 

Under Security enable:

  • Windows Authentication

N.B. Just checking the top level entry for IIS will *not* install all of these components.  You need to select them individually.

The second part is that you need to run Internet Explorer ‘as administrator’ by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Run as administrator’.

N.B. The ‘Run as administrator’ option is not available on the Internet Explorer shortcut on the start menu, but it is available on the one under ‘All Programs’ and the one on the quick start toolbar.

The reason for this second step is that the Virtual Server COM interfaces are secured to only allow authorized users to access them.  If you do not run Internet Explorer ‘as administrator’ it will not provide your full credentials to Virtual Server, and hence will not be able to access Virtual Server.