Universal TCP/IP boot disk

I recently wanted to Ghost a physical computer to a virtual machine.  This is usually best done with a TCP/IP boot disk that you can run in both locations, and by storing the Ghost image on a file server.  Now, I have set this up in the past but I seemed to have misplaced my TCP/IP boot disk – and man are those things a pain to create.

Luckily a bit of looking around revealed this: http://www.netbootdisk.com/

This is a nice, free, tool that will take a plain DOS boot disk and turn it into a generic TCP/IP boot disk.  It has a bunch of NIC drivers, and worked out of the box with booth my physical computer and my virtual machines.  I just booted the floppy, set the username and password and seconds later was able to ‘net use x: \servernameshare’ from a DOS prompt with no problems.

Very nice indeed.