It is Halloween!

And to celebrate – I am providing a nice Halloween theme for the Virtual Server website: Just download the files attached to this post and place the .GIFs in “WebSite\VirtualServer\images” under the Virtual Server installation directory, and the .CSS in “WebSite\VirtualServer\mui\en-US” under the Virtual Server installation directory (please remember to backup the original files first)…. Read more

Changes to the New Virtual Machine Wizard in Virtual PC 2007

There have been a couple of minor changes to the New Virtual Machine Wizard in Virtual PC 2007 to help address usability issues that have been identified.  The first change is to the operating system configuration page.  I have never liked this page myself, as you select an operating system and have Virtual PC perform… Read more

Why doesn’t Virtual PC 2007 recognize my wireless network adapter?

In the past I have written about the fact that Virtual PCs support for wireless network adapters is a bit hit and miss (details here:  As this is a result of hardware limitations the Virtual PC team decided to not enable networking on wireless network adapters in Virtual PC 2007, by default.  To enable… Read more

Windows Vista, Virtual PC and Flip-3D

Now that the beta of Virtual PC 2007 is available for general use, and is able to run on Windows Vista, without disabling Aero glass, there are a number of cool things you can do.  One of my personal favorites is to use the new application changer, Flip-3D, with multiple virtual machines running:   What you… Read more

Gathering disk usage information via WMI

Continuing on our saga through the undocumented Virtual Server WMI interfaces, we now arrive at disk usage information.  Here is a sample script that will create a list of the currently running virtual machines, and display the amount of disk activity they have had since they were powered on. Set vsWMIObj = GetObject(“winmgmts:\.rootvmvirtualserver”) Set vms… Read more

Nibbles.bas under Virtual PC

Just like Gorilla.bas, Nibbles.bas is a source code based QBasic game that shipped with MS-DOS 5, Windows 95 and others.  Nibbles is a version of the classic ‘snake’ game where you control a snake that must avoid running into walls and itself, which is made harder by the fact that the snake grows in length… Read more

Virtual Hard Disk format released under Open Specification Promise

A while ago we announced that we were making the VHD format available, royalty free, to people who were interested in using it in their products.  Today we have announced that we are releasing this format under the Open Specification Promise (OSP).  If you are not familiar with the OSP – checkout:  In layman’s… Read more

Gorilla.bas under Virtual PC

Gorilla.bas is a BASIC game that shipped with MS-DOS 5, Windows 95 and a couple of other OSes (interestingly it was not included in MS-DOS 6 or 6.22).  The game actually shipped as a source (.bas) file that you needed to load and run with QBasic.  Gorilla is a fairly basic artillery game, where two… Read more