Running Virtual Server scripts on a computer without Virtual Server

A while ago I talked about how to run VBScripts that control Virtual Server on a remote computer.  Well recently I was asked how to do this if the computer running the scripts does not have Virtual Server installed either.  Normally this would fail – as the Virtual Server COM object will not be available on the computer running the scripts.

You can, however, work around this.  On the computer without Virtual Server – copy VSSRVC.EXE from the computer with Virtual Server (out of the Program FilesMicrosoft Virtual Server directory) and run ‘VSSRVC.EXE –REGSERVER’.  After you have done this you can delete the copy of VSSRVC.EXE.  You know have the Virtual Server COM object registered on your computer and should be able to run VBScripts with no problems.


 Update: If you are doing this on Windows Vista you need to run the command from an elevated command prompt (Using ‘Run as administrator’).