Mortal Kombat under Virtual PC

This is a great game.  Mortal Kombat was one of the first arcade games where the best consumer port was to the PC (IMHO).  Mortal Kombat is one of the classic fighting games and introduced a number of new features.  First – Mortal Kombat used photographic images of real actors for their graphics (this added a level of realism, but it also looked a bit odd as it often looks like a badly cut out photograph laid on top of a computer generated background).  Mortal Kombat was also one of the first games to introduce the concept of ‘juggling’ – where you could score repeated blows to an opponent due to the fact that they would be momentarily stunned by the previous blow.

Mortal Kombat under Virtual PC   Mortal Kombat under Virtual PC   Mortal Kombat under Virtual PC

And of course – the thing that bought Mortal Kombat the greatest amount of attention was the concept of ‘fatalities’.  This was a method where by – when your opponent was almost defeated, you could enter a special key combination and have your player gruesomely kill them (rather than just knocking them out).

Mortal Kombat had a great selection of characters with different moves, strengths and weaknesses (I loved this game).  It runs really well under Virtual PC – though the music is a bit off.  To read more about Mortal Kombat – checkout: