Heretic under Virtual PC

Released in 1994, Heretic took the DOOM engine, added a few new features and gave it a fantasy theme… And, well…  Frankly I never got into this game.  Cough…  I don’t know why, I mean it seems nice enough and all – but just never excited me that much.

Heretic under Virtual PC   Heretic under Virtual PC   Heretic under Virtual PC

There are sooooo many things I just don’t like about this game.  It is no where near as scary / immersive as DOOM.  The weapons frankly seem weak compared to the ones in DOOM.  It feels kind of cartoony (I mean the flying red guys look cute to me, not scary). Umm yeah…

Apparently a lot of people out there did like this game – and if you are one of them you will no doubt be glad to hear that Heretic runs quite well under Virtual PC.  You can read more (by people who clearly like this game) here: