Blake Stone under Virtual PC

In 1992 came Wolfenstein. NOW there’s Blake
Stone: Aliens of Gold! A battle against a
madman who’s hatched an army of doom, with
mutants, biodroids, demons–all genetically
designed for mass terror!  Blake v3.0 has an
even more impressive list of features than
the original release.  Rediscover it today!
Requires 386+, DOS 5+.  AdLib/SB supported.
11 levels in shareware version–66 full ver.
Nearly two years to make by JAM Productions.

I must confess that I never gave Blake Stone enough time when it first came out.  This game built on the Wolfenstein engine in a lot of ways – and is really quite polished.  It adds support for ceiling and floor textures – and has a really interesting variety of weapons and opponents.  So why did I ignore it back in 1993 when it was released?  Well – ID had already started talking about (and slipping on delivery of) DOOM.  We were all eagerly waiting for non-90 degree walls, varied room heights, and the various other technological breakthroughs that were going to be in DOOM.  As such – Blake Stone (which came out several months before DOOM) was a real let down.

After I had got over the DOOM rush – I did go back and play this game some more – and really enjoyed it:

Blake Stone under Virtual PC   Blake Stone under Virtual PC   Blake Stone under Virtual PC   Blake Stone under Virtual PC

Blake Stone runs wonderfully under Virtual PC.  You can find out more about it here: and you can download the shareware version from here: