Wolfenstein 3D under Virtual PC

Finally we get to the first 3D game that everyone knows and loves – Wolfenstein 3D, the classic VGA game that sets you as an American soldier trying to escape from a Nazi prison in World War II.  Wolfenstein had a number of interesting limitations – such as the fact that only the walls were textured (the ceiling and floors were always plain colors) and the walls were always at right angles with each other (no curves or interestingly shaped rooms).  Even with all that – this game rocked.

##### WOLFENSTEIN 3-D V1.4 – ID/APOGEE! #####
NEW VERSION 1.4 — 256 color VGA graphics.
Fastest 3-D graphics of ANY PC game.  Sound
Blaster effects and Ad Lib music.  Graphics
so real they cause dizziness!  Rated PC-13
due to intense, realistic visual effects.
Needs 286 or better.  Fixes some video
problems, and adds joystick calibration.

One of my fondest memories of this game is that it was one of the first games to have heavy usage of ‘hidden doors and passages’.  Unfortunately the graphics engine was not sophisticated enough to allow for subtle hints about hidden doors – which meant that in order to find these secrets you would end up looping back through a level, randomly trying to ‘open’ every section of wall possible.

Wolfenstein 3D under Virtual PC   Wolfenstein 3D under Virtual PC   Wolfenstein 3D under Virtual PC   Wolfenstein 3D under Virtual PC

Wolfenstein 3D is playable under Virtual PC (though a little jerky here and there).  You can read more about Wolfenstein 3D here: http://www.idsoftware.com/games/wolfenstein/wolf3d/ – and you can download the shareware version of it from here: ftp://ftp.ware.ru/win/games/1wolf14.zip