Boppin’ under Virtual PC

####      BOPPIN’ v1.1 from APOGEE!     ####
#### Variety jammed arcade/puzzle game! ####
In an alternate *arcade game* universe, you
must free dozens of imprisoned enemies from
other video games. Each level has unique VGA
graphics in this unusual game. Violence mode
provided. Cool animation & cinematics. MIDI
music & digital sound for all popular cards.
One or two can play together.  Level editor
in full version, plus 160 levels! Shareware.
By Accursed Toys. Supports two joysticks.

This is a really fun game.  You play the roll of Yeet and Boik – to funky alien monsters, who need to save other video game monster who have been trapped by the ‘too-good’ Mr HunnyBunz the teddy bear.  This is a simple but addictive puzzle solver where you have to pickup and throw blocks into the right location to make a matching pattern.  This game runs well under Virtual PC – though I had to use SLOWDOWN  in order to make it playable:

Boppin' under Virtual PC   Boppin' under Virtual PC   Boppin' under Virtual PC   Boppin' under Virtual PC

Interestingly enough the author of this game has also released a Windows XP compatible version of this game that uses DirectX – and can be downloaded here:  You can also download the original DOS version of this game from here: