Playing around with LeoStream P2V

A while ago I talked about how to manually migrate a physical computer to a virtual machine.  Now – there are a number of automated tools to perform physical to virtual migrations (called ‘P2V’) – however most of them only support server operating systems.  Recently I had a chance to try out LeoStream’s P2V tool – which supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP professional (as well as all of the server flavors) – and let me say that I was very impressed.

My eventual aim was to get an old K6-500 running Windows XP on a 30GB disk into a Virtual PC virtual machine – with the least effort possible.  As such – not only did I use this P2V tool – but I tried to read as small an amount of the documentation as possible. 

First – I needed to have Virtual Server installed on my target system (no problem).  Then I needed to install their ‘host agent’ on my target system.  This was very straight forward – and left me with a LeoStream service running on my box.  Finally I had to install the P2V Wizard on the computer I wanted to migrate.  This was very simple – and after asking me a few questions (what network configuration I wanted, etc) it was off an running.

Two hours later (and with no intervention from me) the system was merrily running in a virtual machine – which I could run directly under Virtual PC with no changes.  In fact – the only nit-pick I could find with the process was that it did not automatically install the Virtual Machine Additions for me.

Now – at $200 per successful migration – the price is a bit steep.  But given that you have guaranteed success with no frustration or wasted time – it is pretty tempting.  For more details – checkout: