M1 Tank Platoon under Virtual PC

M1 Tank Platoon was a fascinating game – which provided an interesting mix of tactics and action game play.  In this game you are the platoon leader of 4 M1 Abrams tanks – and have to battle through a long series of battles against the enemy.  What makes this game really interesting is that you can do this either from the tactical map – where you direct you tanks to key locations, tell them when to fire or not, and orchestrate things like air coverage and smoke protection – or you can jump right into the tank your self an man any of the gunnery or driving positions:M1 Tank Platoon under Virtual PC

   M1 Tank Platoon under Virtual PC   M1 Tank Platoon under Virtual PC

One other interesting twist with M1 Tank Platoon is that for all battles – you can either complete the set mission objectives (destroying enemy tanks or buildings) or you can simply win by passing over the eastern border of the map.  Note that the latter option is not always as easy as it sounds.  Once again – this game runs just fine under Virtual PC.